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Black Marble, Silent and more San Diego concerts

January 10, 2018 Uncategorized  0


Wednesday, Jan. 10

PLAN A: Veronica May, Bomb Squad, Sarah Rogo @ Soda Bar. Make sure to read my cover story from last week on singer/songwriter Veronica May. She recently released new album Awakened, which pairs her own experiences with mental health struggles with bluesy rock songs. Her story is an inspiring one. PLAN B: The Oxen, Pockethole, Sweet Myths @ The Casbah. The Oxen’s fuzzy, melodic indie rock is way too easy to love. They’re one of the best bands in town right now, so make sure to get in on the ground floor.

Thursday, Jan. 11

PLAN A: Black Marble, Girl Pusher, Ruby Haunt @ SPACE. Black Marble makes hazy synth-pop with a touch of post-punk sexiness. Those who exclusively wear black will want to do their moody goth dancing here. PLAN B: White Wizzard, Sergulath, Desert Suns @ Brick by Brick. White Wizzard play ‘80s-style heavy metal with harmonized guitar leads and wailing vocals. It’s heroic stuff for epic nights of dragon slaying and/or crushing beer cans on foreheads. BACKUP PLAN: TV Girl, Ethics, Bruin @ Soda Bar. 

Friday, Jan. 12

PLAN A: Silent, Possible Man with a Possible Gun, Leah Bowden, 321 Andromeda @ Bread & Salt. Mexicali noise rock group Silent are always a must-see, and this show features the debut performance of Possible Man With a Possible Gun, a collaboration between members of Hours and Cryptic Languages. That debut will include them playing one 30-minute long track, so this is likely to be epic. PLAN B: Gary Wilson, Beehive and the Barracudas, Doc Hammer, Westside Inflection @ Black Cat Bar. This show is a benefit for drummer Anders Larsson, a member of Gary Wilson’s band, who recently had open-heart surgery. It’s worth going to based on the bands alone, but the cause is definitely a worthy one. BACKUP PLAN: Sights and Sages, The Filthy Violets, J. Hofstee @ Soda Bar.

Saturday, Jan. 13

PLAN A: Red Aunts, The Goldettes @ The Casbah. Long Beach punk band Red Aunts are one of the most underrated bands ever to release an album on Epitaph Records. They’re not as famous as Pennywise or NOFX, but the all-woman band makes better, more concise punk with no fucking around. PLAN B: Glass Spells, Ethics, Of Ennui @ SPACE. Anyone who desperately needs to get down should plan on seeing Glass Spells immediately. Their brand of disco (or “disco goth” as they’ve coined it) is super fun and reminiscent of groups such as Glass Candy and Chromatics. Make it there early for the shoegazing doom of Of Ennui. BACKUP PLAN: Fates Warning, Symbolic, Alchemy @ Brick by Brick.

Sunday, Jan. 14

PLAN A: Luna, Eleanor Friedberger @ The Casbah. Speaking of underrated bands, Dean Wareham’s Luna has seemingly long existed in the shadow of his earlier band, Galaxie 500. I’ve always preferred Luna, however, as their dream-pop songs are catchier, and occasionally rock. PLAN B: Cowgirl Clue, Twin Temple, Belladon @ Blonde. Cowgirl Clue is dreamy, lo-fi synth funk with lots of weird effects and a bad attitude. That’s only one aspect of their enjoyable absurdity, but trust me, it’ll be fun. BACKUP PLAN: Pkew Pkew Pkew, Daydream, Se Vende @ Soda Bar.

Monday, Jan. 15

PLAN A: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Night Beats @ House of Blues. After more than 15 years, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s kinda-goth, kinda-psychedelic debut album still holds up. They’ve taken a few stylistic turns since then, but hearing “Love Burns” alone is worth going out on a Monday.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

PLAN A: Josh Ritter and the Royal City Band, Nicki Bluhm @ Belly Up Tavern. Singer/songwriter Josh Ritter has been consistently putting out excellent folk and Americana records for nearly two decades. His 2017 release Gathering is likewise wonderful, so now’s a good time to get caught up. PLAN B: Naivete, Battery Point, O/X, Heir Gloom @ Soda Bar. This is the second night of Naivete’s Soda Bar residency, in which they’ll be delivering a set of atmospheric pop music with lots of sexy synth sounds. Oh, and it’s free. 

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