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Lesbian Superfans of Chargers Include Ex-SDSU Softball Star Rachel Bayer – Times of San Diego

December 14, 2017 Uncategorized  0


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Rachel Bayer, who played for the Aztecs in 1993-94, also takes in Dodgers games. Image via Facebook

Bolts superfan Rachel Bayer knows her Chargers.

“We’re exactly where I said we should be,” she was quoted Wednesday. “We have the talent. Phillip Rivers has 9 million receivers to throw to, we’ve stayed healthy — knock on wood — and the O-line is playing way better than the beginning of the year. The defense is ridiculous, Joey Bosa and [Melvin] Ingram. Good God.”

But it’s not news that women have football savvy. It’s the group Bayer hangs with that drew the attention of outsports.com.

Bayer, a 46-year-old Pasadena cook, is depicted as typical of an informal group of lesbians loving the Chargers.

“They hold tailgates and private viewing parties and talk football at work and home and places in-between,” said the story by Jim Buzinski. “Another participant said she has been to tailgates with as many as 20 lesbian fans.”

Bayer is the focus of the piece.

As Rachel Acuff, she was a high school basketball all-star at Temple City High School in Los Angeles County who later played softball at San Diego State. (She boasted a .267 batting average in 1994, third-best on the team, and returned for alumnae games.)

“If they had a women’s football league for me, I absolutely would have played,” she said. “I love football. Sports has been a big part of my life growing up and then you don’t get to play it anymore, so maybe that has something to do with it.”

Bayer told outsports that lesbians love athletics and are drawn to football as a spectator sport. And they savor the social side.

“For the most part, lesbians don’t have children,” she’s quoted as saying. “They can go and party and drink and eat and watch football all day and they love doing that. I think that has a lot to do with it. There are not a lot of responsibilities as far as having children.”

Bayer was bummed by the Chargers’ move to Carson, saying: “I think it’s stupid. L.A. is a really tough area to come into and we’ve grown accustomed to not having a team.”

But she’s become a staple at the StubHub Center, which the Chargers call home.

“She had made several appearances on the video screen,” outsports said. “She is shown wearing her black and yellow ‘Bolt55’ California license plate on a shoelace worn around her neck.”

Despite having witnessed epic fails, such as Nate Kaeding’s missed field goal in an overtime playoffs loss in 2005, Bayer keeps the faith.

“We have a really strong team right now,” Bayer said. “I just hope we don’t have that bad luck we always get, missing by a field goal. That’s the stuff that kills me.”

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