New Construction Electrical

Out Door Lighting Installation in San Diego

New Construction Electrical Installation and planning in Pacific Beach, Or San Diego.

our extensive experience with new construction will help you save time and money while alleviating delays on your new construction project. Electric Lee can help plan your electrical for maximum cost efficiency and safety.

  • Fire Safety & Suppression – Commercial and industrial buildings require a fire suppression system installed by a licensed electrician, and residential homes need adequate planning for maximum fire safety for everyday electrical use.
  • Appliance Wiring –  Balancing the load for your appliances that will be placed on an electrical system will make sure that you won’t need to turn off the microwave when you’re running the washing machine. Misjudging this is a costly mistake that can upset the budget for your construction and lead to unwanted repairs, or a whole lot of light flickering.
  • Electrical Wiring & Planning – Planning your wiring for your new home is an intricate process, and any mistakes are costly and difficult to reverse. Electric Lee experienced electricians will do the job right, and you won’t have to worry about any future complications.
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