Pool and Hot Tub Wiring Pacific Beach, San Diego

Pool Lighting Electrician

Pool and Hot Tub Wiring Pacific Beach, San Diego

Working with construction companies and homeowners to complete electrical wiring for Pools, Spas, andBBQs. From electrical wiring of spas to the complete evolution of wirework for your backyard pool landscaping, Electric Lee is here to help.

Fibre Optic Lighting: Fibre optic lights do not produce as bright a light as the other forms of lighting available so you will be required to purchase more to reach the desired light intensity.

Halogen Lights: Like the incandescent lighting, halogen lighting is the older form of lighting available for lighting up swimming pools.

LED lighting: LED lighting is the most modern technology available having considerable benefits over halogen and incandescent forms of lighting.

LED’s can create a fantastic ambiance and are a massive money saver. With Electric Lee, we are happy to help you create a beautiful serene environment for you family and home.

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