Project: Install a Ceiling Fan “I saved the cost of buying a new fan!”


I initially contacted Lee to switch out a ceiling fan. My fan and light was possessed and would turn on constantly in the middle of the night. The salesperson at Home Depot recommended switching out the remote receiver for a new one, so we purchased that. Lee came the next day, right on time. Once he got the fan apart he realized the unit we bought wouldn’t fit into our old Hunter fan. He even researched online to see if there was a workaround, but there wasn’t one. He then figured out a way to connect the fan to a wall switch and he changed the remote settings on the receiver. My fan is no longer possessed and only turns on when I press the button and I saved the cost of buying a new fan! Lee gave us an initial quote that was fair and that’s what he charged us. I will definitely use him again when the need arises.

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